Monday, November 26, 2007

International Chanukah Contest Kicks off “The Mendy Pellin Tour”

“What is your light this Chanukah?”

Hassidic Comic Mendy Pellin will be asking this question to countless people during his myLight Chanukah tour across California, finding out what Chanukah means to the man-on-the-street. Mendy will be driving an RV ‘Mitzva Mobile’ from one end of the golden state to the other, as part of the new AskMosesTV addition to the popular website.

Mendy will be interviewing people on the street, broadcasting live from Chanukah events and parties, performing and giving away thousands of Menorahs to those who need one. Daily updates from the road will be featured on in text, picture and video format.

“Doing a good deed is a Mitzva” says Mendy Pellin, who is also an ordained Rabbi . “The Mitzva Mobile lived up to its name during the recent California fires. It was used by Chabad of California as a mobile command center for helping people affected by the evacuations. This same vehicle that helped put out the fire will now be used spread a different kind of flame – a flame of light, warmth and goodness. I love it!’”

Mendy will be joined by his wife of 8 months, Shulamit, originally from Safad, Israel, on this unique wild road trip. The RV will be traveling an estimated 5000 miles throughout the eight day holiday. “Wouldn’t it be timely if the miracle of oil repeats itself”, said Mendy in response to current high oil prices, “and one days worth of gas lasts us for eight days?!”

“This is what we do - spread light to the world - said Rabbi Chaim Cunin, CEO of Chabad of California. “We reacted swiftly to the California fires and used all of our centers, manpower and resources to help those in need. But it never stops! Now we are going proactive this Chanukah - to bring joy and light into the hearts of all people.”

To kick off the myLight Chanukah Tour, a number of popular Jewish websites and Jewish Outreach Organizations have joined together to launch myLight International Chanukah Contest. Included in this list is askmosesTV,, and Chabad of Califonia.

To join the contest you must be under the age of 14 and submit a video to of ‘what the Chanukah light means to you’ in less than 30 seconds - after lighting a menorah of your own. The winner will get his or her clip shown around the world on National Television on December 6th during the one-hour Chanukah special featuring Governor Schwarzenegger, Academy Award-Winner Jon Voight, host Comedian Elan Gold from ABC’s “The Next Best Thing”, and many others. To find our more about the Television special, please visit

To join the contest and to follow the wild ride of Mendy Pellin’s Chanukah Tour of California, visit throughout the eight days of Chanukah.

Note: Deadline ends Dec. 1 to get your video played on National Television. For all other prizes: contest submissions must be in by December 14.

*First 100 submissions.

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