Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NEW VIDEO: myLight Tour 07


Bas Menachem said...

Mendy - I am soaked! I cried so much. I don't think I have ever enjoyed crying as much as I did just now watching this video. Thank you. G-d bless you!!!! This time you did not need to have someone announce the Shnowzal stops here. It was obvious without being said. There is no Shnowzal in the world like you!

Friedly editor said...

THE wife takes the wheel?

Keep up the good work, regards to your wife

lcsw4pt said...

No one in the room was untouched and no one who watched it was untouched. After shedding tears I cry also from happiness to see the Rebbe's work carried out in every 'vinkel" and every "ort". Mendy - keep up the good work - much hatzlocha!