Saturday, December 8, 2007

Snapshots from the Road #2

Mendy & Shmuli Pose
Mendy & Shmuli Bond

Jill the GPS Leading the Way

Back from Sacramento with the Governator

Ben Snap n' Drive: Mobile Office: Mendy & Ari Trying to fix Tech Snags

Ben Lifshitz Takes the Wheel

Multi Purpose Vehicle

Ari Greene Joins the Team

Giving out 1000 Dreidels!

Zzzzzz.... On the way to Sacramento

Mendy & Erwin will go on Mivtzoyim on Sunday!

myLIGHT: On the Road

Giving out Dreidels

Mendy with Mayor of Agoura Hills, CA - Edelson

Josh, Stu & Mendy at Pizza Nosh - Best Pizza Ever!!

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