Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Pellin Has Landad

Mendy & Shulamis Pellin just landed in Burbank Airport

Mendy: I only fly jetblue (when available). I even use them when it's a little out of the way. When I went to Vancouver, I flew to Seattle to catch Jetblue and when I went to Mississippi, I flew to New Orleans to enjoy the human flying experience.

But why is it that they are sooo strict about no one standing in the plane when they are a few feet away from the gate. We are traveling at 1 mph! Just take away the wings and there is no problem - ie.. bus, train... The wings give special irrational power to air travel rules...

Enough about flying - I'm zonked.. little sleep Sunday night.. My wife and I are staying at my good friend Rabbi Chaim Danzinger - Chabad of Pasedena.. with his wife Kaila... I hope the baby doesn't wake us up in middle of the night..

Early Tuesday morning I am picking up the myLight vehicle and hitting the road... Pictures and videos to come...

Layla Tov!

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Agouragrl said...

Welcome back you two! Rest well. There are many lights yet to be lit.
Any chance you'll be thru Agoura this trip? We miss you.
Hag Sameach!
Debbie B.